Sunday, February 14, 2016

9 months

Freya is 9 months....and changing so fast. It seems like every week she has a new trick. She has finally learnt her name and can clap and give high fives and she is starting to pull up and let go - balancing for a few seconds, and has been taking a few steps with her trolley. Still a little way off walking...but not too far. She is certainly getting around and exploring everything and is very social, getting very excited when she sees a group of kids at the swimming pool or the park. Her favourite game is peekaboo...which she plays herself now. 

We are also getting a few new sounds too. However the biggest challenge has been teething the last month and a bit. Freya now has 7 teeth....just waiting for one more on the bottom left to appear. Possibly related to the teething (or not), but Freya has been struggling eat. We have finally got the hang of eating finger foods without gagging all the time. So Freya is starting to eat a little more. Her favourite foods are yogurt, and she really enjoyed cherries, although she looked like a little vampire after. She also likes the pancakes her dad makes on the weekend. 

Breakfast time....yogurt....yum

We just had her 9 month check up and she is now 10.06kg and 71.5cm tall. So continuing to grow fast and following the same 95th and 75th percentiles on the charts. We are now in 12-18 month clothes....although over the summer she often doesn't wear much at all. She especially enjoys playing with water on the back deck to cool off. 

Bathing on the back deck. 

Friday, February 12, 2016

Annual pilgrimage to rotovegas!

Over the last few years Aaron has made an annual trip to Rotorua to visit the mountain biking Mecca that is whakawareware forest. We were not sure how we would do it this year with a little one... But we're determined to give it a try when our friend Dan suggested a trip over the Waitangi long weekend. This would be Freya's first long road we weren't quite sure how she would go. We left 3pm after crèche and we kept her entertained in the car with a new toy every 30 minutes or so. Thanks to our friend mike for giving us a bunch of new toys just before the trip...perfect timing. Then after dinner she slept the rest of the drive. So it worked out perfectly.....and we won't be quite so scared of longer road trips in the future. 
Freya playing her new xylophone 

Unfortunately the weather forecast for the weekend wasn't great, so when it wasn't raining the next morning Aaron, dan and Charlotte jumped on there bikes, while Helen tested out our new osprey poco baby backpack on some of the walking tracks in the forest. It did start raining, but in the trees it was pretty sheltered. The next day, however, there were some much stronger showers, so we decided to go rafting instead of biking. So Dan, Charlotte and Helen went down the kaituna river, over the largest waterfall that you can raft over as a punter...7 m. We were one of the few boats that tipped and we all swam, including the guide. The rafting was great....lots of Rapids down a beautiful gorge. Aaron and Freya watched us from the walking track. 

Freya fast asleep in her poco

Going over the big falls before flipping over
Dan, Charlotte and Helen ready to go rafting...sorry Freya you are just a little too young! 

We did a few more rides over the rest of the weekend, taking it in turns to look after Freya and take her for walks in the backpack, which we are really pleased with. Thanks to Charlotte and Dan for letting Aaron and I go for a ride together. Helen even remembered how to ride a mountain bike off-road again. We also went in the hot spas a few times...which Freya really enjoyed. It was a great weekend. We look forward to our next trip to year, or maybe sooner 😉