Saturday, July 31, 2010

Weatherboards and windows

Quite a lot has happened in since the last update. The weatherboards arrived as did most of the rest of the windows. Now we are only waiting on the sliding bits for the front window and the kitchen door.

View from the street - you can only see the new part of the house and it makes our little house look quite big....

Front door

Extension and deck being covered by the cedar weather boards

Deck and north facing bifold door into the living room.

Open door on to the deck with sun shining in to the living room.

The backside of the house - still a bit of a mess!

We are progressing - the current hold up is the last door missing from the back of the house and the insulation that is still sitting down in Christchurch despite having been ordered 3 weeks ago!!!!

Monday, July 19, 2010

PCE Lectern

I was commissioned by the Commissioner to build a lectern for the office. It has taken ages, but it is finally finished and in the office. It is made of macrocarpa or Monterey Cypress.


Sunday, July 18, 2010

Renovation - Progress

We had a nice dry spell this past week, and the builders got quite a bit done outside.

The skirting around the bottom of the extension is mostly done.

Owen made us a little door so we can access the area underneath.

The steps at the end of the deck are complete.

The slats for the deck showed up as well. Not sure when they will actually lay them. Near the end I imagine.

Thursday, some of the long awaited windows showed up. They are all in now and Owen is waiting for the rest so he can line them all up evenly.

This next week should see the arrival of the weatherboards and the rest of the windows. The weather is meant to be okay so fingers crossed we might have a fully enclosed house by the end of the week!

They have also been working on the retaining wall, trying to get the holes dug deep enough for the posts to go in. The wall is turning out to be a big pain. I almost wish we had left the area alone.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Renovation - Continues

No new pics as last week was pretty quiet. Owen was only there 4 days and not full days at that. The weather was pretty foul so he was mostly doing inside things. He has put a bit of gib and hassled suppliers about weather boards and windows.

This week has been much better. Gavin is back and they have made a lot of progress on the outside of the extension. They have the steps for the new deck done and the skirting around the bottom all in place. They were also going to start on the steps for the front door all while trying to get the weather boards and windows delivered. I had visions of the windows being in by the end of the week, but supposedly the window supplier won't even answer the phone. So not looking good.

Monday, July 5, 2010

Renovation - Halfway?

Theoretically we are now at the halfway point. Fingers crossed, we should see the correct weatherboards delivered this week. The boards closing in the house have moved out to where the windows will be, so for the first time we got a good idea of how big the new room is going to be. The builders have been busy working on things inside like putting up gib (drywall).

We ordered lights last week so next up is insulation.

The sun even managed to shine for most of the weekend. Some of us were quite happy about that (see below).

Looking down on the extension

Holes for the supports of the retaining wall

Looking towards the extension

The ensuite is taking shape

Mifi sunning her tummy