Monday, June 28, 2010

Renovation - First disaster

We finally had our first disaster, the wrong weather boards turned up this morning. This could put things back a couple weeks while we wait for the proper ones to turn up. There are quite a few inside jobs for the builders to work on while they are waiting, but they prefer to have multiple options.

Half marathon

Every year I try to set myself a physical challenge - something achievable! Last year it was a sprint triathlon. This year I have been training with friend since February to run a half marathon (that is running 1-3 times a week). Yesterday was the big day, and despite the terrible weather of southerly wind and rain, I made it! It took me 2 hours 13 minutes (officially), but 2 hours 10 minutes by my watch as we were a little way back from the start line. My aim was 2 hours 15 minutes - so I was happy. I have to say that the last 5 kms my legs didn't feel attached to the rest of my body and I really needed to go to the loo, but decided that if I had stopped it would have been impossible to get running again, so I forced myself on. Needing the loo was a good incentive to get to the end!!

Needless to say I am very tired and sore today, and will probably be walking like a granny for the next couple of days. Fortunately riding my bike feels fine. The good thing about the running over winter has been that I have kept off the winter fat layer, the problem will be continuing over the rest of winter with no event to train for. Better start looking for a new goal/challenge to aim for - other than the finishing the house!!

Saturday, June 26, 2010

More renovation photos

Not a whole lot of changes this week. Our builder, Owen, was flying solo this week as his offsider has a broken leg and his ring-in had to go back to Auckland. Owen is also suffering with trapped nerve in his back. So this has rather restricted his capabilities.

In addition to personnel problems we are still waiting for windows. They can't close in the house until the windows are delivered.

So Owen has started doing some of the smaller stuff while he is waiting.

Closing in the bottom of the extension

Making the supports for the steps at the end of the deck.

Looking out onto the deck

One of the coolest things about the renovation (I think) is that the opening pictured above is going to be one massive double-glazed bi fold door.

Our door will be similar to this only with five sections

Progress....just a bit slower than we were hoping...
Still no disasters yet!

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Roof is on!

The weather has been pretty good this last week - so some more progress on the extension. Now we are waiting for the windows.

House is wrapped and the roof is on!

The looking from the deck into the living room

We thought we might have a weekend off from the house, but instead of physical work we are now up to the shopping stage and spent this morning buying stuff for the en-suite bathroom and a couple of extra kitchen cupboards. We do have some painting to do tomorrow.... no rest for the wicked!

Monday, June 14, 2010


We had a shortened week due to a public holiday Monday and no new pictures because not much has changed really.

There was a problem with the way the architect had drawn the intersection of the extension and the old house. The builder had to suss out a way to make it work which caused a few delays. The plumber was in on Friday and started work on the pipes for the new en suite and rainwater tank.

Helen and I spent most of the weekend digging in the back corner and removing the last bit of gib in the kitchen. This week some labourers are meant to come and build the retaining wall. Hopefully all our work back there will pay off and that back corner turns out okay.

Friday, June 11, 2010

West Wind visit

Every once in while my job allows me to do something pretty cool. This time it was a trip to the new wind farm just west of Wellington called West Wind.

The mountain in the background is part of the south island

The turbines are just over 100m (100 yards) tall from ground to tip. There are 62 turbines which can generate enough electricity to power 70,000 homes or all of Wellington City.

Truck and sheep for scale

The turbines cover two properties. One owned by the government and Terawhiti Station. The station is still operational (thus the sheep). Leasing land to the owners of the turbines helps keep the farm going.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Finally, a sunny day

We have finally had a few days break from the rain and the sun even came out. We had a chance to see what the new room will be like as well as when and how the sun will hit it. It is going to be really good. In the pictures you can see the framing is up for two sides of the extension. The remaining side (north) will be a massive bi-fold door, which will allow all the wonderful sunshine into the room.

The approach. There will be a flight of stairs to the right side of the extension leading to the new front door, which was framed on Friday.

The balustrade continues on from the extension to add privacy to the new deck.

We lose a bit of glass compared to the old house, but the new windows will frame the view nicely and they will all be double glazed so they won't "cry" and will be heaps warmer!